QantasLink to Fly Between Bendigo and Sydney

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The first commercial flights in more than 30 years are coming to Bendigo next year.

QantasLink have announced this morning they'll begin flying 6 days a week direct between Bendigo and Sydney with its 50 seat Q300 turboprop aircraft.

The new flights will begin from March 31st 2019 and comes following the completion of the runway upgrades at the East Bendigo airport last year.

State treasurer Tim Pallas expects the new service will attract around 14,500 visitors to Bendigo each year - with the potential to create up to 25 jobs as a result.

City of Greater Bendigo mayor Margaret O'Rourke says their long held goal of attracting a commercial airline to the city has finally been realised.

"This is fantastic news and makes Greater Bendigo and the wider region more accessible than ever before," O'Rourke says.

“To have infrastructure of this scale in a regional area is an incredible asset and today we have capitalised on it.

“Access to regular flights to and from Bendigo presents a great opportunity to further grow our tourism brand, better connect our businesses to domestic and international clients and colleagues, and provide residents with more options when it comes to leisure travel.

The flights come as a partnership between the City of Greater Bendigo, Qantas and state government.

10 December 2018

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