QLD Premier Pushes For Ban On Mobile Phones from Queensland School

Following all other Australian states

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Queensland may soon be banning the use of mobile phones from schools across the state.

If the ban goes through, it will put Queensland in line with all other Australian states in banning mobile phones on School grounds.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queensland schools have been facing ongoing problems with students on mobile phones at school.

“It's an issue that's not going away so it might be time to have a fresh look in the way in which these issues are dealt with," she said.

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Ms Palaszczuk said she supports a nationwide ban on mobile phones at Australian schools.

While the QLD premier is in full support of new mobile phone guidelines, the Queensland Teacher’s Union believe this could prevent students from learning how to use technology safely.

“We're in a technological age and we can't forget that so it's really important that we educate our kids about how to use devices critically," Cresta Richardson told 9NEWS.

Each state currently have different rules on the use of mobile phones in schools with NSW banning phones in primary schools, Victoria banning phones in all government schools and South Australia banning the usage of phones between school hours in public schools.

Western Australia will store the phones of children from kindergarten age to year six until the end of the day while students between year seven and 12 are required to have their phones switched off and away until the end of the day.

Tasmania has banned the use of phones at all government schools including during recess and lunch time while the Northern Territory have banned phones from all primary schools.

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Georgie Marr

14 April 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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