Queensland Band Release The Most Aussie Song Ever

Shed rock on the rise

Cassie Walker

11 December 2017

Cassie Walker

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Queensland band The Chats have released a single that we think is the most Aussie song since Men At Work's Down Under.

The Sunshine Coast band, labeled as Shed Rock have dropped a single SMOKO and is something all too familiar to plenty of Aussies.

The song celebrates the working class Aussie's favourite part of the work day, Smoko.

As if the song isn't enough, the song’s film clip shows the three piece, dressed in hi-vis, sunnies with flames on the side and shorts with long socks, with their frontman wearing his ranga mullet with pride.

The clip features typical Aussie culture references such a Centrelink, sausage roll with sauce, the beach, worth site and even a white Toyota ute sneaks in.

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