Queensland Health Causes A Stir With Masturbation Social Media Post

But not everyone was feeling it...

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You wouldn't pick Queensland Health as the kind of organisation to promote masturbation in a social post but they have gone ahead and done just that. 

The post titled “Give yourself a hand” has caused quite a stir online but in the name of promoting healthy sexual expression, discouraging feelings of shame and the fact it’s 2021 - we think it’s a good move. 

Qld Health explains that “masturbation is a normal and healthy part of a person’s sexual experience and a great way to discover what you are comfortable with. The best part is, it’s for everyone — and also offers a wealth of health and sexual health benefits! It’s important for us all to work towards normalising sex-positive messages about masturbation to reduce associated feelings of shame and fear, and improve overall sexual health and literacy.”

The post features a link to a more detailed article promoting the benefits of masturbation, consent and how to approach a conversation about masturbation with your children. 

The post sparked a large response, some praising it, some poking fun (of course!) whilst others thought it was a bit too much. 

One wrote, "This is such an important topic!! Teaching our children to explore their bodies and get to know what is enjoyable, what’s not and to understand what is healthy has been a taboo topic for far too long! Thank you Queensland Health for this post!"

Another said, "I absolutely love love love this!!!! Go Queensland Health".

The post clocked up some hilarious responses like "Someone left the work experience kid in charge of social media again? Love it."

And "Do you have to wear a mask?"

Others were not impressed. "What? What are you going to share Next? I hate to think," said one user. 

Another read "I hope this is rated. Kids should not be seeing this."

One things for sure, it certainly got peoples attention. 

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4 November 2021

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