Queensland Honey Industry Eradicates Potentially Devastating Parasite


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A win for our honey industry, with Queensland playing a crucial role in eradicating a potentially devastating parasite.

The Varroa mite was first discovered in feral Asian honey bee nests in Townsville back in 2019.

Federal Agricultural Minister Mark Furner says there were fears it was going to jump to the European honey bee nest which is the country's sole source of honey.

"We had a lot at stake for our beekeeping industry so stopping this outbreak protects jobs and our famers," he said.

Queensland Beekeepers Association secretary Jo Martin said protecting the health and welfare of the Australian Honey bee industry is paramount to the security of food and fibre production.

"Beekeepers continue to contribute more than $2.4B to the Queensland economy each year through the professional pollination services provided to our growing horticultural sector,” they said.

The incident was declared eradicated by the National Management Group on July 1 2020.

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Amber Lowther

13 August 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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