Queensland Police Sieze Record Breaking MDMA Haul

Third largest haul in history

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Queensland police have disrupted an international drug syndicate, seizing a record-breaking 766 kilograms of MDMA powder.

Police won't reveal where or when the drugs were seized, but say they are the highest purity ever recorded in Queensland and have a potential street value of $90 million.

The seizure is the largest of its kind in Queensland and the third largest in Australia.

Police say the drugs were destined for Australian streets but the syndicate responsible for getting them there has its roots in the United Kingdom.

Two British men, aged 51 and 40, have been arrested in Queensland over the seizure and charged with drug possession and supply.

They will appear in a Brisbane court on August 26.

Another two UK citizens - a 60-year-old man and a 49-year-old man - have also been arrested in New Zealand over their alleged links to the syndicate after authorities in Auckland seized 200kg of the drug ice destined for their local market.

A 26-year-old man from Loganlea was denied bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday over his alleged role in the syndicate.

He said the seizure represented approximately seven per cent of the 1.1 tonnes of ecstasy consumed annually in Australia.

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14 August 2019

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