Queensland Rail Releases Video Of Drunken Falls


28 December 2017

Following a spate of drunks behaving badly while commuting - Queensland Rail has released a video showcasing some of the most shocking inebriated behaviour they've captured. 

The video shows people tripping, slipping and falling at train stations across Brisbane. 

While there's a humorous side to it, officials say the issue is serious. 

600 commuters slipped, tripped or fell on its rail network last financial year, with many of them believed to be under the influence of alcohol, the ABC report.

Central Station Acting Station Master Valerie elaborated: 

"Unfortunately we do see this on a regular basis — people not taking care, people being stupid and it generally ends up with an injury which is not what anybody wants to see when they come to a train station,

"If you think you have had too much to drink, maybe you should get in the lift and not go down the stairs and parents should keep an eye on their children."

Check out the video:

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