Queensland Waste Levy Kicks Off From Today

a minimum of $75 per tonne

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A heads up to businesses around the Darling Downs looking to dump waste from today.  A new Queensland Waste Levy is now in effect.

Those using the council landfills at the dozen of locations across the Darling Downs will have to pay at least $75 per tonne extra for general waste while some industrial and chemical waste could cost much more.

Environment minister Leanne Enoch says for those worried, there are plenty of examples already of how businesses are reducing costs by recycling:


The levy will commence at $75 per tonne and increase by $5 per tonne each year for the first four years.

The levy will be paid by landfill operators, such as Toowoomba Regional Council, to the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government will be providing a rebate to landfill operators for all domestic waste so that the levy does not directly impact domestic customers.

Domestic customers will see no change in waste fees and charges for kerbside collections or at their local TRC waste management facility as a result of the waste levy but are encouraged to reduce their waste and increase recycling at home.

For more info on home recycling to to www.tr.qld.gov.au/recyclingoptions.

For more details on the newly introduced levy please head HERE.

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1 July 2019

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