The State Emergency Service (SES) is urging far north Queenslanders to be prepared ahead of what could be a busy storm and cyclone season. 

Far Northern SES Regional Director Wayne Coutts said residents should not become complacent, especially when many parts of Queensland were experiencing one of their wettest summers yet. 

“It’s important for residents to continue their preparation for storm and cyclone season, despite our dedicated volunteers being ready to assist communities during an incident,” Mr Coutts said.  

“Residents can start preparing their home by checking the condition of their roof, and cleaning gutters and downpipes so water can drain away during a downpour. 

“Remember to keep trees and overhanging branches trimmed, as they can come down with strong winds and land on cars and homes. 

“Before an event we recommend people move their cars undercover or away from trees, and secure loose items, such as dog kennels, bikes and trampolines, to prevent them from turning into missiles if gale-force winds hit.”

After a cyclone or natural disaster strikes, homes can become uninhabitable and some essential services, such as power, gas and water, could be disrupted. 

There may be times when help is not immediately available, which is why it’s important to create both an emergency kit and emergency plan. 

Mr Coutts said residents should be preparing emergency kits and emergency plans, including information about what to do in the event of emergency.

“Having an emergency plan in place for when cyclones threaten can help ease the stress involved when hail, flooding or strong winds hit,” he said. 

“You need to know where you can go if your house is damaged, who to call, your insurance information, medical conditions and ensure you have enough water and food on hand for at least three days.  

“The extra effort now may help minimise the impact wild weather has on communities, plus greatly assists our personnel on the ground. 

“It pays to be prepared, no matter how resilient you are.” 

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