Queenslanders Warned Of A “Multidemic’ As Covid And Influenza Cases Spike

Natural immunity kaput!

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Queenslanders are being warned of a ‘multidemic’ as Covid cases and influenza sweep across the state.

The state’s chief health officer Dr John Gerrard said the third Omicron wave is now “well established” and is expected to escalate in coming weeks.

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Likening it to the first wave of the highly contagious Covid variant, Dr Gerrard said the Queensland health system was preparing for around 1000 hospitalisations this month alone.

“If you are up to date with your vaccinations you are unlikely to be admitted to hospital.

“This is not unique to Queensland,” Dr Gerrard said.

Meanwhile, Queensland doctors are calling for some wriggle room to vaccinate some residents who don’t fit the criteria for a fourth Covid booster but would benefit from another jab.


University of Sydney infectious disease expert, Robert Booy said lockdowns across Australia have kept Covid at bay, but in turn lowered the communities “natural immunity” to fight even a common cold.

“We’re facing a multidemic of respiratory viruses, there’s three or four of them causing trouble … Influenza, RSB, para-influenza, adenovirus, HMPV, there are a lot,” Mr Booy told The Courier Mail.

“Winter naturally leads to perspiration, indoor crowding and lack of adequate ventilation.

“Because were locked down for two years, the level of natural immunity dropped off against flu and Covid, so we happen to have a lot of cases and deaths due to Omicron and the opening of a society with less natural immunity," he said.

“If you want to spread and infection, you open up society.”

Dr Booy said Queensland’s rising number of Covid and Influenza cases are the result of lowered levels of natural immunity. 


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6 July 2022

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