RACQ Slams Govt For 'Forgetting' The Centenary, As Congestion Reaches Crisis Level

The peak hour crawl is here to stay

Claire Sherwood

4 July 2017

Claire Sherwood

Article heading image for RACQ Slams Govt For 'Forgetting' The Centenary, As Congestion Reaches Crisis Level

The RACQ's calling on the government to follow through with promises to fix congestion issues on the Centenary Motorway. 

The peak motoring group has slammed the government's current approach, saying the Centenary stretch has been 'missing out'. 

The latest travel reports have revealed motorists were travelling at an average speed of just 23 km/h during both morning and afternoon peaks in the slowest sections, including inbound near Miskin Street and outbound near Fig Tree Pocket Road.

“It’s a case of always the bridesmaid, never the bride for the Centenary Motorway,” says Renee Smith. 

“Since 2004, there has been money put aside for planning for the major thoroughfare but the State Government has fallen short of providing significant funds to improve choke points along this vital road.

“A planning study worth $700,000 began in 2016/17 and it appears it’ll carry over to this financial year, but again there’s no money to fund real construction.”

Smith said the Centenary Motorway’s long-forgotten status meant motorists had no choice but to travel well below the speed limit.

“It’s waited long enough – let’s reward the Centenary and its thousands of commuters for their patience, with actual funding commitments to improving this major corridor.”

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