Rain Not Enough To Keep Crims Off Townsville Streets

Several suburbs were hit over night

17 October 2018

Article heading image for Rain Not Enough To Keep Crims Off Townsville Streets

Wet weather hasn't slowed down the crime rate in Townsville over night. 

While we were enjoying the light sprinkle on rooftops, crims struck several suburbs across town.  

Two cars were taken from a Thuringowa Central, while others were stolen from Deeragun, Hyde Park and the City. 

In total 5 vehicles were taken in just a matter of hours. 

Majority of stolen cars saw the offenders breaking door locks to gain access.  

The rampage has sparked a call from Police to ensure we have our main wooden door and the security door key locked at all times. 

Away from home break ins, a stolen trailer was used in one of two attempted thefts from building sites overnight. 

Piping was being taken from a Fairfield construction site when the crims were interrupted . 


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