Rare 'Blood Moon' To Appear Across Australia On Friday Night

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A rare 'blood moon' is predicted to appear on Friday night across the nation.

The full moon and a partial lunar eclipse action is expected to be the longest since the 15th century, 500 years ago.

In Australia, residents along the east coast will receive the best vantage point of the blood red moon.

Amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave says it should be a pretty experience for skygazers.

"It's going to be a very nice twilight eclipse," Musgrave said.

"[The Moon] will look almost ghostly as you see the partial eclipse emerging out of the twilight."


A partial lunar eclipse occurs when Earth moves in between the Sun and the full moon, yet not perfectly aligned.

As it is a partial lunar, not a solar eclipse, it can viewed by the naked eye without hesitation.

The display will be almost-perfect, with 97% of the moon will be covered.

  • In Sydney, the display can be seen from 7.34pm on Friday.
  • The eclipse will reach a maximum peak around 8.02pm and finish around 11.03pm.
  • In Melbourne, the eclipse begins at 8.09pm, reaches its maximum at 8.12pm and ends at 11.03pm.
  • In Brisbane, the eclipse begins at 6.14pm, reaches its maximum at 7.02pm and ends at 10.03pm.
  • In Adelaide, it begins at 7.59pm, reaches its maximum at 8.11pm and ends at 10.33pm.
  • In Perth, it begins at 6.57pm, reaches its maximum and 7pm and ends att 8.03pm.

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19 November 2021

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