Renting In Hobart Is Now More Expensive Than Melbourne

Up 13 percent

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Renting in Hobart already hurts the hip pocket and it’s only getting worse.

Corelogic has released a report that outlines Hobart’s rentals are more expensive than most capital cities, including Melbourne.

Renting in Hobart is now more expensive than Melbourne

The report outlines that renters are forking out 13 percent more than this time last year, equating to an extra $57 per week.

Corelogic Research Director Tim Lawless said a lack of supply and Covid could be a big factor in the prices.

"Renters are clearly looking for lower-density housing options, with house rents rising at more than double the pace of units rents over the past year.”
"Another factor that may be contributing to rental demand is that more renters are working from home, which could be driving a trend towards smaller rental households as tenants look to maximise their space and working environment during Covid."

Earlier this year the government had mandated short stay accommodation in order to tackle the state’s rental issues.

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Triple M Newsroom

27 October 2021

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