Rescued Murray Cod recovering at Narrandera

Will help restock the river

7 February 2019

Article heading image for Rescued Murray Cod recovering at Narrandera


Twenty stressed Murray Cod, measuring between 80 centimetres and one metre long, have been removed from the pool near Menindee, and transported to the Narrandera Fisheries Centre to recover.

The rescue operation got underway yesterday, DPI officers using a variety of nets to remove the fish from the water, before transporting them to Narrandera in a temperature-controlled and aerated truck.

It’s expected the 20 cod, once they’ve regained their health, will have a productive potential of more than 100,000 fingerlings per year, which will be available for future restocking efforts in the Lower Darling.

The decision to move the fish was made, as Water NSW prepares to cease flows from Weir 32, in order to preserve town water supply.


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