REVIEW: Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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2 August 2018

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The latest instalment of the Tom Cruise-lead action blockbuster continues to deliver.

Following the lukewarm reception of Mission: Impossible II and III in the mid-2000s, the franchise took a turn in 2011 with it's fourth outing; Ghost Protocol.

Ever since then, the Mission: Impossible series has continued setting the bar in modern action filmmaking - largely due to the ever-reliable performance of Tom Cruise and his willingness to literally throw himself into the role.

Ethan Hunt is fast becoming the US-equivalent of James Bond, and this latest effort has lived up to the hype of the past two films.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout follows a rather predictable pattern in terms of plot, with the standard twists, turns and seemingly 'impossible' challenges keeping viewers on their toes.

But even if the absurdity of the story puts some cinema-goers off, the pure visual spectacle is so stunning that even the greatest cynics would be forced to be impressed.

The film relies on practical stunts - rather than mind-numbing CGI - and is a much better watch because of it.

The fact Cruise managed to get through filming with only a broken ankle is a miracle.

Don't be put off if you haven't seen any of the previous outings - the plot is essentially starting from scratch and should please even the mildest fans of action film.

4.5 stars.

Make sure you catch Mission: Impossible - Fallout in cinemas from August 2.

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