Right on Target for Royce

Locals at the World Clay Titles

27 March 2018

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Marty Miles

We have a few of our Eastern Goldfields Clay Target Club Members in Wagga Wagga at the moment competing in the World Titles. Here is a report from Wagga from our good mate Marty.

Sunday Report:

"Royce Normington is one of three shooters to score 299/300 in the first event at the world title in Wagga NSW. One competitor got the possible 300. The event was held in 60 km/hr winds and rain was so bad today. Over 800 competitors are at the event and Royce is team captain for WA."

Monday Report:

"Royce shot 296/300 today currently sitting equal second at 595/600 one guy is 596/600. Still got another 100 targets to go worth 300 points.    750 shooters. Great effort. Richard and I are in same squad just finished 45 minutes ago. Let u know results tomoz"

Early Tuesday Report:

"Royce Normington finished second in world champ qualifying 1 behind leader. Out of 740 odd shooters. Now has to shoot another 50 targets worth 150 points. 50k prizemoney up for grabs over the champs."

Lunchtime Tuesday Report:

"Royce finished equal second with 2 guys equal first 1 point ahead . So 744/750 points. Or 249/250 targets. Now just shot another 50 targets and will shootoff for third in world champs. The 2 guys in equal first didn't miss. One is on Australian team and other is just as good. Really great effort from Royce considering he shot in 60 kms wind and rain. Where other guys got better whether later in that day."

Tuesday late Arvo Report:

"Royce Normington - 4th in World Title, 1st AA out of 740 Competitors"


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