Rio’s Challenge Of Hope Around WA To Help Build State's First Children’s Hospice

Raising over $100k

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Have you heard about ‘Rio's Challenge of Hope’? Well you are about to!

Ryan Fowler is about to bike ride across the whole of WA to raise money for Perth’s Children Hospital Foundation.

From June 28 till July 16, Fowler will be riding a total of 1061kms and on a few days even riding over 100km!

But why is he doing this?

Right now, WA does not have a dedicated children’s hospice facility. In fact, there are only three dedicated children hospices in all of Australia.

The vision is to turn a respite centre for WA’s sickest children into a reality, with many services for them and their families.

Fowler is riding in honour of his beautiful son Rio, who had to undergo five major surgeries before finding out his condition was terminal. 

He is hoping to show the nation, that none of these kid’s stories will be forgotten.

Please help support the thousands of people who will benefit from this new centre right here.

Follow Ryan’s journey

Start / Finish Date

Accommodation Location


Run / Ride / Transit

Travel Day – Perth to Geraldton


27 June 2021

Drive to location

Geraldton – Dongara


28 June 2021

Ride = 64.2km

Dongara – Leeman


29  June 2021

Ride = 88.4km

Leeman – Cervantes


30  June 2021

Ride = 69.9km

Cervantes – Gabbadah


1 July 2021

Ride = 107km

Gabbadah – Perth


2  July 2021

Ride = 89km

Travel Day – Perth Albany


3  July 2021

Drive to location

Albany – Narrikup


4  July 2021

Run = 35.4km

Narrikup – Rocky Gully

Alkoomi Wines

5  July 2021

Ride & Run = 77km

Rocky Gully – Manjimup


6  July 2021

Ride = 99.7km

Manjimup – One Tree Bridge


7  July 2021

Run = 22.4km

One Tree Bridge – Margaret River

Margaret River

8  July 2021

Ride = 107km

Margaret River – Busselton


9  July 2021

Run & Ride = 54.2km

Busselton – Capel


10 July 2021

Run = 27.4km

Capel – Bunbury


11  July 2021

Run = 27km

Bunbury – Waroona


12  July 2021

Ride = 70.2km

Waroona – Mandurah


13  July 2021

Ride = 44.5km

Mandurah – Rockingham


14  July 2021

Run = 34.4km

Rockingham – Fremantle


15  July 2021

Run = 33.7km

Fremantle – Finish TBC


16  July 2021

Run or Ride TBC = 10Km

Stay up to date with the latest information on Rio's Legacy and Perth Children Hospital Foundation Facebook pages.  

In Association With Rio's Legacy

6 July 2021

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In Association With Rio's Legacy

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