CCSLS Rip Awareness Demostration

Sunday 19th January 9:30am

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Rips are currently the number one cause of coastal drownings, yet most beach goers are unaware of the dangers of rips, how to spot them and what to do if they are caught in one. The Streets Rip Awareness Demonstration Events are part of SLSCC’s strategy to improve beach goers understanding of rips and build better community surf awareness in order to reduce coastal injuries and drowning.

SLSCC will conduct numerous Rip Awareness Demonstrations at various beaches this summer with dye being released into the water as part of the safety campaign, giving swimmers and onlookers an opportunity to develop a greater awareness of rip currents. Lifesavers will be handing out educational flyers, and will also provide rescue demonstrations and commentary as part of these events.

This is something everyone in the family can benefit from! 

What: CCSLS Rip Awareness Day

When: Sunday 19th January - 9:30am

Where: Shelly Beach


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Abby Hopkins

16 January 2020

Article by:

Abby Hopkins

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