Rob Thomas On Life And Losing The Icons Of "Our" Generation

His chat with CMK!

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Rob Thomas - THE Rob Thomas - joined Perth's Clairsy, Matt and Kymba to have a good old fashioned chat about life and music in this crazy Covid world, and they couldn't help but touch on the recent passing of a rock legend in Eddie van Halen.

Rob and Clairsy - mix94.5's resident music guru -  swapped notes on how van Halen touched their lives, with Rob going on to say how Eddie's passing marks the new era of people in "our" generation starting to pass on.

"I grew up on van Halen... 2019 (sic - 2016) was really bad, Prince, David Bowie, we lost a lot of artists that were generational divides,

"Now I feel like, me at 48, we're starting to get our own, just ours, we're starting to lose them."


The chat in full is something for everyone, not just Matchbox 20 fans.


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14 October 2020

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