Rock Out With The Stars At The Murchison Meteorite 50th Anniversary

September 27 to 29

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Space. The final frontier.

In 1969, humankind landed on the moon, while a meteorite landed right here in the Goulburn Valley. Talk about an Out-Of-This-World event!

In 2019, the hype has come around again!

Murchison will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Murchison Meteorite as a major three-day event with heaps of activities for the whole family. 


If you are a history buff, astronomy enthusiast or have a Space Nut in your family you’d be off the planet not come along and see a piece of history.

This once in a lifetime event starts on the 27 September with an exclusive Dinner under the Stars at the Murchison Community Centre.

You’ll need to book your ticket now if you want to be among the stars so get clicking HERE. It will be a stellar evening to remember so don’t you dare miss out.

There’s also a fantastic ‘Secrets of the Universe’ Astronomy Show, presentations by guest speakers David Reneke and many more leading scientists.

Come and enjoy public talks featuring speakers from:

• The European Space Agency
• Macquarie University
• Australian National University
• Curtin University
• University of NSW
• University of Melbourne

Plus, direct from Chicago’s Field Museum Dr. Philipp Heck.

Heck! It's Dr. Phillip!

What Galactic Squadron! It’s only a gold coin for entry.

Then there’s the renewal of Meteorite Park opening with a treasure hunt for the kids.

And to top it all off, you can see the actual meteorite that has been safely stored for 50 years at the Murchison Heritage Centre.

Make sure you experience a piece of the universe in Murchison, CLICK HERE to plan your Star-Studded weekend.



The Murchison meteorite (Mm) that fell to earth and broke up in the skies over Murchison on the 28th of September 1969.

As the Mm has become more and more valued by the scientific world in the intervening years, and is the most studied of all meteorites to land on earth, recognition of the event is a must.

The fragment of the Mm is on display at the Murchison History Society and is the key piece of history within the centre.

When the Mm landed in 1969, it put Murchison ‘on the map’ and this event will further imprint our little town firmly ‘on the map’ and lead tourists and visitors to our region.

3 September 2019

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