Rosie Batty supports new WA Laws

Laws to assist renters

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2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty has given her support to come changes to WA Tenancy laws. During her visit to Kalgoorlie Boulder to coincide with an International Women`s Day function, Ms Batty was also presented with a reproduction of the Freedom to Fly artwork by Aboriginal artist Barbara Bynder. 

"Its really great to be here in Kalgoorlie and this is a really great opportunity to give my support and acknowledge the amount of work that is being done to respect a victims journey" Ms Batty said. 

The act change includes

  • Exit a tenancy agreement within seven days to leave for safety
  • Apply to court to have a perpetrator’s name removed from a lease
  • Make a rental home safer through lock changes or security upgrades
  • Sort out disputes about FDV-related property damage, unpaid rent or bonds
  • Seek removal from, or avoid being on, a tenancy database if a listing is due to FDV.

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Glenney Wilson

20 March 2019

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Glenney Wilson

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