Rosie's Emotional Reflection On The Eurydice Dixon Memorial

From The Hot Breakfast

18 June 2018

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The Hot Breakfast's Rosie attended the moving memorial for Eurydice Dixon last night and reflected this morning on the show.

"It was really quiet, it was reflective, it was beautiful," Rosie described on Triple M.

"It felt loving, warm and safe and was just a beautiful thing to do.

"It was for the young girls and baby girls that I hope don't have to go through the fear that we do every day and be told it's your fault, don't go outside, don't dress like that.

"It's for all the women and for everybody that wants to feel safe no matter what time of day in Melbourne or anywhere else," Rosie emotionally explained.

Soon after, The Hot Breakfast was joined by Victorian premier Daniel Andrews where the topic was addressed further - including talking to some emotional callers.

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