Ross Lyon Speaks On His Desire To Coach Again

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Ross Lyon addressed his passion to coach once again, with talks of the Sunday Rub panelist being a viable candidate for any coaching job.

When asked about his desire to coach again, Ross said he would entertain offers if an opportunity presented itself.

"You need to be all in." Ross said.

"I rang into Leigh Matthews, and it was a really simple conversation.

"Leigh said: 'You're going to coach again. You're too young, you miss game day, you need to coach again'.

"I felt there was some respect there from Leigh. It does stimulate your thinking that you've got something to offer, and if an opportunity presented maybe you'd look."


"AFL coaching is a passion, I never found it torturous or a job. To put a team around you and commit to something, and try build something special is a wonderful feeling."

The discussion ended with Wayne Carey declaring Ross as the "most qualified" person sitting outside the coaching ranks.

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15 August 2021

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