Ross Reveals Dialogue Between Himself And Carlton

On The Sunday Rub

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Jay Clark discussed on the Sunday Rub the comments made by Carlton president Luke Sayers about aiming for finals, and how the next coach can develop the list.

"If they get Ross Lyon, you expect to play finals with that list." Browny said. 

Clark reported on comments made by Sayers, who confirmed Ross was "excited" to through his hat in the ring.


"It's come to my front door, I haven't gone out searching for anything." Lyon said.

"I'm really happy to let the river flow here ... There's a long way to go, I want to respect the process. It's exciting to be in the conversation of an AFL club."

Both Nathan Brown and Wayne Carey agreed that a coach such as Ross, with a defensive mindset, will push the Blues into a top eight team.

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29 August 2021

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