Rotto? Sure, But There's Plenty More

Come And See Us Too

Cliff Reeve

21 March 2018

Cliff Reeve

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When was the last time you went to Rotto?

If the tourism folks have their way everybody will be seeing a lot more of Rottnest and those cute little critters that have grabbed the attention of several celebs including Roger Federer and lately, Margot Robbie.

Selfies with a quokka are an absolute must if you visit, I was there a couple of years ago for the first time in decades and I have several but I haven't put them up here.

I have nothing on The Fed Express or Ms Robbie, they can have their moment.

My thought is, how about a selfie at the Busselton Jetty or Dolphin Discovery Centre maybe the tall trees or vinyards, even Harvey Dam or the mines of Collie? What about Bunbury's cafe strip?


Premier Mark McGowan has encouraged pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who will perform in Perth this year, to head to Rottnest for a selfie or 2.

I guess if we get people to come to WA it's incumbent upon all of us the be good ambassadors at all times and make tourists feel welcome.

Often times we take The South West, our back yard, for granted, every day we have the chance to tell the rest of the world how good it is and they should come and see everything away from Rottnest.

That way we all win.

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