Russell Crowe Explains The Brilliant Story Behind The Smash Hit Dundee Ad

Speaking to The Hot Breakfast

5 February 2018

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Legendary actor Russell Crowe called into The Hot Breakfast following yesterday's Australian Tourism commercial that stole the show during the Superbowl.

Speaking to EdWil and Darce, he said that he was immediately on board.


"It was a funny idea," Crowe said.

"I thought it was kind of disarmingly-bold, going to the market and pretending there was going to be this feature film.

"I'd always been really impressed by the fact that Paul Hogan just took it upon himself (to promote Australia)."

Crowe told a story about Hogan when he was originally approached in the early 1980s to star in a commercial for Australia - saying that Hoges didn't like the original idea for the ad, when they should be promoting the fact that "Australians are fun".

The end result was the incredibly successful 'throw a shrimp on the barbie' campaign.

"He shot that ad on borrowed equipment from Channel 9," Crowe explained.

"Obviously we know the story of how successful it was and he never took a fee for it.

"It was a way that he felt he could give something back.

"Can we add up the hundreds of billions of dollars that Paul gifted to the Australian economy?

"So that's kind of my way of tipping my hat to him and being involved in the same spirit."

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