SA Businesses Call For Vaccine Mandates Ahead Of Borders Reopening

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In the wake of Mondays mock funeral procession held by Adelaide's hospitality and live entertainment sectors, businesses have taken up the call-to-arms demanding vaccine mandates.

As Covid restrictions continue to impact the sector with the pushback of the easing of the rules from 80 to 90 per cent only adding greater torment to already struggling industries.

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SA businesses are now calling on the state government to step up and mandate Covid vaccines for employees in high-risk Covid settings in a bid to avoid staffing issues, misinformation, and disputes.

Business SA, along with the Australian Hotels Association, the Restaurant and Catering Association, SA independent Retailers, Tourism Industry Council SA and the South Australian Wine Industry Association are calling for customer service staff in high density settings to be vaccinated.

Business SA chief executive Martin Haese told The Advertiser, that the onus to stipulate Covid vaccines in workplaces should not fall upon individuals, but on the Marshall government.

"It is not acceptable to put the decision to mandate vaccinations on to the shoulders of tens of thousands of individual business owners".

- Martin Haese

Not alone in his opinion on compulsory jabs, AHA chief executive Ian Horne believes mandatory vaccination in the hospitality industry should now be a condition of employment.

“The State Government needs to protect small and medium businesses from a potential minefield of disputes with employees,’’ Mr Horne said.

Speaking at Monday night's live summit at the Arkaba Hotel, pub owner and Crows great Mark Ricchiuto said patience in the sector has worn thin.

"Venues are sick of telling people to stand up and have their mask on," he conceded, "and some people will do it and some people won't".

You’re not allowed to dance in venues and the number of restrictions are still at 75 per cent, and for a lot of small bars, that just doesn't make it profitable".

"It just doesn't make sense that we're going to open up to interstate, yet not give everyone a safe Christmas," Mr Ricciuto said.

With borders set to reopen in two weeks, tourism operators, retail, businesses, along with hospitality and entertainment venues all want to open safely, with the confidence delivered by extended Covid protocols and mandates.


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9 November 2021

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