SA Government Becomes Gender Neutral

Recommended to use inclusive language

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The South Australia government will move towards using gender neutral pronouns following a recommendation to switch to inclusive language.

Gender-specific terms including, he, him, she, and her will be removed from the state government’s rules of procedure and will be replaced with they, their, and them.

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The changes will see the terms “Her Majesty” (referring to the monarch) and “His Excellency” (referring to the governor) – which are now outdated as King Charles III and Governor Frances Adamson assumed the roles respectively – adopt gender-neutral terms as well.

“Her Majesty” will be replaced with “the sovereign” while “His Excellency” will now become “the governor”.

Other changes made following the review of the Lower House standing orders includes allowing maternity leave, breastfeeding infants in the chamber and committees to meet electronically.

While the move has been supported by the government and opposition, the move has sparked criticism from Upper House crossbench members – despite the changes not affecting them.

"Wokeism has even penetrated the workings of parliament," Frank Pangallo, from the SA-Best party, told The Advertiser.

"I don't think (gendered pronouns) caused any harm or offence in our community. I think this is sort of the left elements in politics that are exerting themselves."

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11 April 2023

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