SA Police Make Changes To Dress Standard

Visible tattoos now allowed

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South Australia Police have relaxed rules on dress standards, enabling police officers to have visible tattoos and longer hair.  

Visible, non-offensive tattoos can now be displayed under certain conditions, excluding tattoos on the ears, face, head, scalp, front or sides of the neck. 

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Male officers can have longer hair, which must be bound appropriately at the back of the head to comply with health and safety requirements.  

Grant Stevens, Police Commissioner, said the changes were a significant shift in the organisational culture as a reflection of the SA community.  

“These changes could remove a barrier for some of those applicants who may have not previously considered SAPOL as a career because they wanted to retain their longer hair or were concerned about having to cover up their tattoos,” he said. 

Mr Stevens said public and organisational research was conducted before implementing the changes to determine the public views.  

“This is not about lowering standards but more so balancing dress standard policies to reflect societal change,” he said. 

“The professional look of police officers will not be impacted, as this is not a free for all approach to hairstyles or tattoos.” 

Minister for Police Joe Szakacs said changes reflected the community sentiment around tattoos and overall dress standards. 

“We hope it will encourage more people to see policing a career or choice if the dress standards had previously held them back from applying,” Mr Szakacs said.  

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Caitlin Duan

7 March 2023

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Caitlin Duan

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