Sailor Blasts Matterson's Failed Suspension Bid

'It Says Money Is More Important'

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Triple M’s and dual code legend Wendell Sailor believes Ryan Matterson “should’ve known” his bid to swap a three-game suspension for a fine was never going to be easy.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Matterson’s plea to reverse his controversial call to accept a suspension, rather than pay a $4000 fine for a crusher tackle on Penrith’s Dylan Edwards, was unsuccessful.

“I just feel that $4000 is pretty hefty considering I have already paid close to $4000 in fines this year for things that are absurd,” Matterson told reporters last year at the time.

Sailor said Matterson’s initial decision to accept a suspension was a bad look for him in front of his teammates.

“What it says to me if I’m a teammate, he’d rather sit out three games than win a grand final or competition points… it says to the players and club, that the money is more important,” Sailor said on Triple M’s Rush Hour.

31 January 2023

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