Saints Waiting On Test Results For Paddy McCartin and Dylan Roberton

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11 March 2019

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St Kilda is currently waiting on further testing for two of their players, after Paddy McCartin and Dylan Roberton both suffered health scares during yesterday's JLT match against West Coast.

McCartin, who has a history of concussion, was collected by teammate Ben Long during the second quarter, and withdrew from the rest of the game. 


Meanwhile, teammate Dylan Roberton complained about feeling "wonky" after the game, after suffering heart irregularities last year.

Coach Alan Richardson offered updates on both the players post-game.

“Paddy was concussed so he’ll be assessed as per normal … we’ll just wait and see from a symptoms point of view."

“I think we all know that Paddy has a little bit of history there, so we weren’t going to take any risks."

“He’s fine in there now (but) he’ll need a bit of time to clear his head.

“When he’s right, he’s right. We don’t know when that’ll be … it could be that he’s right by Tuesday or it could be that it takes a bit longer. Who knows?”

He went on to address the issue surrounding Dylan Roberton.

"Dylan was just a bit wonky at the end of the game," he said.

"He just felt a little bit off, right at the end actually when the siren went.

"Because of the way he felt and because of his history there'll be more tests than you normally have with Robbo. He had a stress test on Tuesday just to make sure everything was tracking really well."

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