Sam Thaiday Fronts Council Video For Local Dog Owners

More videos to come!

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Rockhampton Regional Council released a video starring footy legend, Sam Thaiday, telling the story of Commander Pupsworth as he plots his great escape from his yard.


Chair of Council’s Planning Committee Councillor Ellen Smith said the video is part of an entertaining new series targeted at dog owners in the region.

“In these videos we really wanted to get across the key pieces of information a dog owner needs to have, but do it in a way that was funny, light-hearted, and still informative,” said Cr Smith.

“It was also important to us that these videos be targeted at all dog owners, from someone who has just adopted a new furry friend to someone who has owned dogs their entire life.

“For example, in this video, ‘the Bronco’ surveys his fence line for the beginnings of escape tunnels, something even the most devoted pet owner might realise they’ve forgotten to do in a while when they see the video!

“We have also recently launched a number of other new resources for pet owners on our website, including a Your Pet Your Responsibility Handbook and an in-depth video series with information on topics like keeping your animals contained and the need for microchipping and de-sexing. 

“Our hope is that these videos will prompt people to head to our website to find out more, and to view our other resources.

“I don’t think we could have chosen a better person than Sam Thaiday to help get our message across!”

The Great Escape is available now on Council’s facebook and Youtube, and more videos will be released in coming weeks. 

For more resources and information, visit or call 1300 22 55 77. 

7 June 2019

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