Same Sex Marriage Has Passed The Final Vote!

It's a YES!

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It's a YES!

A final parliamentary vote on a bill to legalise same-sex marriage has passed. 

MPs voted on the bill today, with the yes vote winning easily.

Only four MPs voted no.

The public gallery burst into an impromptu rendition of We Are Australian immediately after the bill passed.

The bulk of speeches wrapped up in the lower house late on Wednesday night, after sitting hours were extended for a second day to allow extra debate.

Further debate on amendments delayed the vote until nearly 6pm tonight.

All amendments were struck down, and the bill passed unchanged from the one that cleared the Senate last week.


The bill is now law, pending royal assent from the Governor-General, which is a ceremonial process.

The passing of the bill brings to an end the process of legislation that began with a non-compulsory postal plebiscite in September.

7 December 2017

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