Scientists Cure Diabetes In Mice In Major Breakthrough

1.7 million Aussies have Diabetes

4 July 2017

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Diabetes in Australia could be a thing of the past with reports US based scientists have cured the disease in laboratory mice by regulating their blood sugar levels.

University of Texas Health Science Centre doctors injected a virus via a carrier “to introduce insulin-producing genes into the pancreas of rodent subjects”, reports Perth Now.

Researchers found that the altered cells secreted insulin “perfectly” when responding to glucose, which in turn copied the nature of beta cells normally rejected by Diabetes Type 1 patients.

Except this time, it worked.

“We cured mice for one year without any side effects,” said patent’s co-inventor Professor Bruno Doiron.

“If a Type 1 diabetic has been living with these cells for 30, 40 or 50 years, and all we’re getting them to do is secrete insulin, we expect there to be no adverse immune response.”

Researchers hope to now progress to a study of the treatment on bigger animals, before launching a human trial.

Diabetes Australia reported 1.7 million people were listed as having diabetes in 2015, with 280 people diagnosed with the condition every day.

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