Scott Pendlebury On A Potential New Role For Jordan De Goey

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Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury discussed a potential new role for Jordan de Goey on Dead Set Legends with Joey, Jay and Emma today.


“With Jordy [de Goey], it sort of ebbs and flows a bit,” Pendles said.

“If he’s forward and he’s getting a lick of the ice-cream then he likes to stay forward… if he comes to the midfield and we’re doing alright he thinks it’s all his doing in the midfield.

“If the ball’s not coming forward he pretty quickly tells us he wants to come into the midfield.

“We’re pretty lucky to have a player that can change the dynamic, and I think the other one with that is, you know, round one you’ve seen Jamie Elliott through the midfield a fair bit as well.

“So those two guys, deep forward or through the midfield, just give us a different look y’know, they’re so quick, strong, then when they do push forward, they get a mismatch, an every day defender will struggle with them at the best of times.

“So both of those two sharing midfield minutes, one forward one the midfield, I reckon it gives us a really good look.”

Pendles also discussed being captain during lockdown, his own role this season, new training measures and more.


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30 May 2020

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