"See You Later!" | MG Fires Up About NRL Off-Season Madness


23 January 2019

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Mark "MG" Geyer has fired up about the plethora of dramas that have plagued the NRL across the off-season, saying that it's time to enforce stiffer deterrent and harsher penalties.

The ex-Panthers player was moved to take a stand after NRL boss Todd Greenberg returned from holidays a week early to call all 16 club captains about the horror summer headlines.

While Greenberg is now threatening tougher punishments - saying that "the first time we put the hammer down this year, it's going to be harder and bigger" - MG has voiced his concerns about just how strong those penalties would be.

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"See ya later. See you later," MG said on Triple M's The Rush Hour with MG. "We've had enough education against this type of thing."

MG also pointed to his own career as proof that players need to learn from their own mistakes, declaring that the excuses just don't wash anymore.

"I put my hand up, I'm one of those blokes. I had to learn the hard way," he said.

"But the education, in particular against violence against women, has been strong for the last decade and yet we seen [sic] a lot of allegations over the off-season which are really really scary."

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