SES Describes How They Found Non-Verbal AJ Elfalak

Paddy & Rob Palmer

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NSW Police

How bloody good is the SES!!!

Collectively as a nation we can feel immense sense of relief with young AJ Elfalak being found after 3 days missing in dense bushland in Putty, NSW. Celebrating the SES, Bluey, who came across AJ first & team leader Alysha joined Paddy & Rob Palmer on Triple M to chat about about the process of finding AJ, and celebrating the positive outcome!

With AJ being non-verbal, Alysha explained the techniques used in the search, and gave us some insight on just how dense the bushland was with steep hills, cliff faces, creeks, large wombat holes and more where things could have gone VERY wrong.

Don't have a lot of time? Here's a short clip from the chat!

Have a listen to the full chat below:

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7 September 2021

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