Sex Work To Be Decriminalised In Queensland

Following landmark review

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The Queensland government will sign off on the decriminalisation of prostitution in the state today. 

The changes come in response to a landmark Queensland Law Reform Commission review into how sex work could be decriminalised.

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Speaking to 7 News, Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman said the changes would bring sex work “out of the dark and properly regulated”. 

She hopes a properly regulated industry will prioritise the safety of sex workers - with it expected workers in the sector will be protected more from exploitation and violence will be at the centre of the government’s response.

“Current laws stigmatise sex workers, it increases their vulnerability to exploitation and violence,” she said.

“We need to bring sex work out to off the dark and properly regulate the industry particularly for the safety of workers.”

Currently in Queensland only services provided at a licenced brothel or when a person is working alone from a premise providing in-house calls, outcall services or both.

Escort agencies, massage parlours, street workers, unlicenced brothels and working in small groups are all illegal forms of sex work in the state.

For women, they cannot work in pairs, check in with colleagues before or after calls, work with another person who provides security or employ someone to book clients.

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24 April 2023

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