Shane Mumford Has Officially Signed With GWS

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Ethan Meldrum

1 December 2018

Ethan Meldrum

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Shane Mumford will play for the Giants in 2019.

The 32-year-old has been signed as a rookie through the AFL's pre-season supplemental period, allowing him to resume his AFL career.

Mumford - who retired at the end of 2017 due to a foot injury - will resume after the year off allowed him to heal.

“I can’t wait to get back out there next season,” he said.

“After medical advice said playing last year would be detrimental to my long-term future, I threw myself into my role as a ruck coach while training and keeping fit for a potential boxing career.

“My body responded really well to the break and I’m feeling as fit as I ever have been previously."

Mumford will miss the first two games of the season, due to his club-imposed suspension for being filmed ingesting a white powder three years ago.

“Still being involved in the club allowed me to continue to work in football and when the discussion came up about a potential return, I jumped at it," he said.

“12 months has passed, but I feel really confident I can contribute on the field to the GIANTS’ side in 2019.”

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