Shane Warne's 5-Point Plan To Fix Footy

He got in touch!

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Aussie cricketing legend Shane Warne got in touch with Eddie this morning with his plan to 'fix' footy! 

Warney is fed up wit the state of the game and outlined five changes he'd make to improve the game. 


The spin king sent these points through to Eddie McGuire this morning. 

Warney's 5-Point Plan to fix footy: 

- Must have 6 players in the forward half at all times.

- Umpires must reward tacklers and play holding the ball more. 

- Can't kick backwards

- Reduce the shot clock to 15 for set shots. 

- Increase the quarters to 20 minutes + time on. 

Catch the full chat with Carlton skipper Patrick Cripps from earlier this morning!


28 June 2020

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