Shaun Burgoyne On What It Was Like Seeing Clarko Depart

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Shaun Burgoyne was asked on the Saturday Rub about Alastair Clarkson departing Hawthorn, and how it all unfolded from a player's perspective. 

"It was challenging to be honest. You see the legend of the club go out like that."

'Silk' shared the feeling seeing a renowned figure such as Clarkson depart all of a sudden.

"It was disappointing, Clarko's more of a mate and a mentor to me than a coach to be honest. I would've really enjoyed him going out on a high."


Describing the way it all played out, Burgoyne believes the team's form late in the season showed what Clarkson is still capable of as a senior coach.

"Second half of the year we were able to do a review and figure out what we wanted to do, and we won a lot more games and really started to build." Burgoyne said.

"You treat your greats of the club on the way out with a lot of respect. There was a lot of things going on above the player's heads, conversations that we were never a part of.

"We found out like you guys, would roll into the club one day and told what's happening .. That's something the club will address in the off-season I think internally."


11 September 2021

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