Shayna Jack Reportedly Set To Cop Four Year Ban For Positive Drug Test

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Aussie swimmer Shayna Jack is set to cop a four year ban for testing positive to banned drug Ligandrol, according to Julian Linden and Jessica Halloran in the Daily Telegraph.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) reportedly told Jack of her four year fate — the standard sanction for drugs classed as anabolic agents.

Jack can have her sentence reduced, but must prove the drug got into her system without her knowing.

Jack’s lawyers will claim her samples were caused by contamination, but she must be able to identify how it happened.

“You’ve got positive A and positive B sample and the process is you get a letter, you will be suspended, then you have right to request a tribunal hearing with the Court Arbitration for Sport,” Former ASADA chief Richard Ings told the Daily Telegraph.

“I wouldn’t draw any conclusion from the four-year ban, that happens in every matter. The issuing of notification of a four-year ban is standard practice in all these matters.

“For an athlete to receive less than a four-year ban they must provide evidence of mitigating circumstances and a clear explanation of where the prohibited substance came from.”

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Triple M Staff

30 July 2019

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Triple M Staff

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