Shire gets a rest after a hectic fire period over summer

"Cant remember that many fires" - Locals

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The Shire of Coolgardie CEO James Trail is relieved but not off alert after a very hectic fire period over summer. 

As part of Feburary a fire that closed the Coolgardie Esperance Highway also put Kambalda townsite on a bushfire advice. This created some panic and people looked at leaving Kambalda due to the warning, which was not an evacuation.

Mr Trail cited that "its been a great learning experience for all of us. It's about process and how we can communicate to the community and also what role DFES has and what role the Shire has"

The Shire will include Fire Officers and Chief Fire Control Officers will be put in place in 2019 as part of the development and redefining of the bushfire framework


However the great Goldfields and Kambalda community spirit was on show "To see probably 15 people at quarter seven in the morning on watch waiting to help - volunteers from around the community and outside - was pretty special."


7 March 2019

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