Sign This Petition To Make Domestic Violence A Criminal Act!

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Amber Lowther

22 November 2018

Amber Lowther

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Two local women from Shute Harbour have put together an online petition to raise awareness for domestic violence, calling for it to be classified as a criminal act. 

They've been lucky enough to meet with Belinda Hassan (Labor for Dawson) and Senator Anthony Chisholm, who were both excited about the campaign. 

Here are the ways domestic violence is having an alarming impact on the community: 

• 60 women have been killed as a result of domestic violence to date this year. Alarmingly, this number exceeds a report by the AIHW for the Australian Government in February 2018 where it cites the shocking statistic of one woman per week and one man per month killed by a current or former partner in the two years from 2012–14. 

• Queensland Police responded to 62,264 domestic violence incidents in 2016-17 alone.

• 1 in 5 (1.7 million) women and 1 in 20 (428,000) men have been sexually assaulted and/or threatened since age 15.

• Intimate partner violence causes more illness, disability and deaths than any other risk factor for women aged 25–44.

Currently, police do not have the necessary powers to protect victims and under current legislation, police are limited in protecting domestic violence victims against further violence.

Here is the link to the petition if you'd like to get around it and sign:

Ultimately, the solution is to change Queensland domestic violence laws by introducing a Criminal Domestic Violence Offence - this would mean police would be able to protect domestic violence victims. 


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