Simmo the croc passes away

A sad day for Perth Zoo.

29 November 2018

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Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo has farewelled one of it's oldest residents, estuarine crocodile, Simmo.

The croc, believed to be around 70 years old, was over 4.75 metres long and weighed approximately 500 kilograms. 

A crowd favourite, Simmo's feeding sessions provided visitors an opportunity to see him leap for food, displaying his power and size to it's fullest.

But recently he was off his food, with suspected gastrointestinal issues and despite the best care his health quickly deteriorated and he passed away on Wednesday. 

After being moved from Darwin Harbour amid fears for public safety, he was taken to a number of facilities where he displayed anti-social behaviour. 

He eventually wound up at Perth Zoo in 1998, living out his life in a special "bachelor pad", that included a heated pool and soft artificial turf for his feet and belly.


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Written by: @jordanpieterse

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