Six Reasons Why B*stard Mozzies Bite You Over Someone Else

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16 August 2017


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A recent Buzzfeed story has revealed the 7 main reasons why mosquitoes prefer some people over others when it comes to those bloody annoying bites.

Rather than submit you to a page full of annoying gifs, we thought we'd paraphrase the article and list below, the six reasons why a mosquito might bite you over someone else.

1. Your CO2

Apparently, those of us who exude more carbon dioxide than others are more attractive to the bastards, according to this report. Reportedly, both pregnant women and larger people give off more CO2.


2. Your Body Temperature

According to this report, the higher your body temperature, the more likely you'll be targeted.


3. Your Blood Type and Chemicals

One report has it that people with type O blood is more likely to get bitten than those with type A. Turns out too that some people secrete a chemical that acts as an attractant.


4. Your Skin

Yep, your skin... well, the microbes that make up your skin. They're all unique and it turns out some are better than others when it comes to attracting mozzies.


5. Your Workouts

As noted in point 2, exercising not only raises your body temperature, it also apparently increases your lactic acid output and that's what drives the little buggers crazy.


6. Your Love Of Beer

Apparently, just one bottle of beer is enough. Damn it!

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