Smoke Blanketing Sydney Labelled 'Hazardous'

Health concerns

29 May 2018

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Smoke has blanketed Sydney this morning, with back-burning leaving a haze covering the city.

The haze is causing dramas for those on the roads and with respiratory issues, with areas across Sydney officially deemed 'hazardous'.

This takes the total to 11 days this month of poor air quality.

Older people, children and those with a heart or lung condition are advised to stay indoors.

The north-west and south-west of Sydney are particularly affected by the poor air quality, and those with asthma are advised to monitor their condition.

Sydney paramedics have responded to almost double the number of people with asthma and breathing difficulties compared to this time last week. In the 12 hours to midday last Tuesday, NSW Ambulance paramedics responded to 24 patients with asthma and breathing difficulties; today there have already been 41 cases. With smoke from hazard reduction burns affecting much of Sydney today, NSW Ambulance is advising people to take precautions. Paramedics are especially stressing the message to those most vulnerable – the elderly, very young and those with respiratory conditions like asthma.

- NSW Ambulance

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