Soldier Calls For Prostitutes To Be Deployed To Combat Zones

ADF confirms the intimate request

Triple M Newsroom

5 December 2017

Triple M Newsroom

Image: Pexels

An Australian Defence Force soldier currently deployed in the Middle East has sensationally called on prostitutes to be supplied to front line troops to assist with combat stress.

The now-deleted blog post was published on an official ADF website, and called for a change in Defence policy to allow soldiers to “have sexual relations in a safe, secure and controlled environment” with sex workers, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“Another option the ADF could consider is facilitating safe and regulated sexual satisfaction through other means such as providing masturbation facilities or issuing sex toys,” the post said.

They added: “Improved intimacy and sexual interaction can help combat veterans with PTSD recovery.”

In the original article obtained by Triple M, the soldier explained the purpose of the piece was only to “start a conversation” around sexual activism and gender issues.

“Opinions on the subject will undoubtedly vary, but the conversation about sexual activism and regulation on deployment is worth having,” they said.

Confirming the accuracy of the comments, a Defence spokesperson told Triple M the post has been removed.

“The article was published on the Land Power Forum blog on 6 November 2017,” they said.

“It was removed on 15 November 2017 as it was not intended for the Land Power Forum and does not reflect Defence policy.

“The Land Power Forum provides a discussion space for appropriately informed analysis, commentary, thoughts, and ideas among military practitioners, interested stakeholders and subject matter experts.

“Defence policy on conduct in the workplace has not changed.”

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