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Huge opportunity for Mums and Dad's!

The Bendigo based author of a new book says stress and trauma are behind the majority of learning and behavioural difficulties.
Heather Pollock's work with children who have ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and other similar issues has led her to discover that most children with these diagnoses have one thing in common: they have experienced trauma before, during or after birth.
She hopes medical practitioners, therapists, educators, families and caregivers of these exceptional children visit her first local seminar this Monday evening 3rd December.
Heather has spent over 20 years working with thousands of children with behaviour and learning difficulties; Heather has witnessed some fantastic outcomes.

“Parents, educators and professionals need to address the ‘true causes’ for children to be successful”, emphasises Heather. 

Her book ’The Solution is in Your Hands - Children’s Learning and Behaviour Difficulties’ is receiving acclamation across Europe and the USA.
Drawing on her personal experience as well as the research, during the seminar Heather will share information on:
• The collective trauma and stressors children may have endured, which can lead to learning challenges.
• Use of simple vibrational energy therapy plus strategies that fit the home and classroom environment.
• How to support a child for success after he or she has experienced failure.
• Why some children have behaviour or learning disabilities without anyone being aware of the reasons, and going beyond the diagnosed ‘labels’ for such difficulties. 
 Heather says, “With the correct identification of the real problem, together with proven simple therapy techniques and strategies, the effects of a child’s underdevelopment, including retained primitive [neonatal or baby] reflexes can overcome.”

Heather Pollock’s new book is the first planned in the ‘The Solution is in Your Hands’ series.
The information seminar is being held at the Bendigo Library on Monday December 3 at 7pm.
To book visit or call Heather on 0408 525 526 or Gloria on 0407 555 542.

29 November 2018

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